Chipyard is an open-source integrated SoC design, simulation and implementation framework.  Chipyard provides a unified framework and work flow for agile SoC development by allowing users to leverage the Chisel HDL, FIRRTL transforms, Rocket Chip SoC generator, and other ADEPT lab projects to produce RISC-V SoCs with everything from MMIO-mapped peripherals to custom accelerators.

Chipyard contains processor cores (RocketBOOMAriane), accelerators (Hwacha, Gemmini, Sha3), memory systems, and additional peripherals and tooling to help create a full featured SoC. Chipyard supports multiple concurrent flows of agile hardware development, including software RTL simulation, FPGA-accelerated simulation (FireSim), automated VLSI flows (Hammer), and software workload generation for bare-metal and Linux-based systems (FireMarshal).

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