The SLICE Lab at UC Berkeley aims to democratize the design, programming, and integration of domain-specific computing at scale so that a wide-range of applications can benefit from specialized hardware, extending the continued growth in computational capabilities for future-generation computing ecosystems.




Decades of exponential growth in computing capabilities have yielded transformative societal benefits. To sustain this growth as Moore’s Law benefits fade, heterogeneous architectures, where hardware is specialized to individual application domains with domain-specific compute systems, will be the main drivers of energy-efficient computation in the next decade and beyond. However, domain-specific architectures break many aspects of existing computing paradigms and will disrupt the hardware, software, and application development, demanding new technologies, circuits, design methodologies, architectural ideas, algorithms, and system-level innovations.

Open Source Statement

The SLICE Lab pledges to use and develop open-source software and  hardware, and it is the intention of all SLICE Lab researchers that  any software and hardware will be released under an open-source  license, such as modified BSD or apache 2.0