GPTune: multitask learning for autotuning exascale applications

Yang Liu
, Wissam M. Sid-Lakhdar,  Osni Marques, Xinran Zhu, Chang Meng, James W. DemmelXiaoye S. Li

Multitask learning has proven to be useful in the field of machine learning when additional knowledge is available to help a prediction task. We adapt this paradigm to develop autotuning frameworks, where the objective is to find the optimal performance parameters of an application code that is treated as a black-box function. Furthermore, we combine multitask learning with multi-objective tuning and incorporation of coarse performance models to enhance the tuning capability. The proposed framework is parallelized and applicable to any application, particularly exascale applications with a small number of function evaluations. Compared with other state-of-the-art single-task learning frameworks, the proposed framework attains up to 2.8X better code performance for at least 80% of all tasks using up to 2048 cores.