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Quick Tutorial on Uploading files

This is a quick tutorial on uploading posters, talk slides, etc, using the example of posters for the Summer 2013 retreat

Edit the page

  • Start off by editing the page where you want to use the uploaded file(s)

Add your poster title, etc to the page

  1. Add your text to the page, using whatever [non]existing formatting may already be there
  2. Select the text you want to be a link to your uploaded files, say the poster type
  3. Click on the little “Add Image and other files” button

Upload your file

  1. Select the file to upload
    • [optional] give the file a different name
    • Say to give a file a much more descriptive/appropriate name, instead of say “retreat-poster.pdf”
  2. Press “Upload”
  3. Upon successful upload, press “Done”

Use the magic of the wiki to do annoying work for you (Part 1)

  • (presuming successful upload) Click on the filename of the file you uploaded

Witness the wiki's magic (Part 2)

  • See how the wiki has inserted the wiki markup for you
  • Remember to press “Save”

Voila, your poster/slides/file is now uploaded and linked to on the page

Hurray! Repeat as necessary

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